How To Use Online Tool or VBScript Converter Software To Convert VBS to EXE

Visual Basic Script is a powerful language for Windows administrators. Its ready access to Component Object Model or COM makes it the preferred choice for developing full-scale applications for Windows. However, it is only suitable for advanced users. Non-tech savvy individuals find it difficult to work with this VBScript. The EXE file format, on the other hand, appears to be a more convenient solution. It is simple to run and starts up the program or installs it on your computer, instantly. So, if you ever thought of quickly creating an EXE file from the VBScript, use Vbs To Exe.
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Vbs To Exe converter software

This tutorial will give you step by step instruction on how to convert VBS script into EXE fileVbs To Exe is a command-line utility that lets users readily convert VBScripts to executable files. The tool has a very simple graphical user interface and is quite easy to operate.
To begin, select a .vbs file you want to convert by browsing to its location and specify the save path for converted .exe file 

Define all relevant parameters, including binding additional files, editing VBS script instantly, adding version information, etc. The built-in VB Script visual editor is designed to offer convenience for programmers.
Similar as above, the other options can be configured for the program to let a user-
  1. Extract the original VBScript
  2. Print the respective message
  3. Print the version number.
  4. Protect the script with a password
It is also possible to save these tools to an external drive (SD Card/USB flash drive) in order to run it on any PC or Desktop with minimum effort. So, the application is portable. Moreover, no entries are registered under Windows Registry area and files do not hide deep inside hard disk after their removal.
During our test, no error dialogs were displayed, and the tool functioned as desired. It did not freeze or crash frequently. The response time was fast and fairly accurate.
You can download VBS to Exe from here. Please note that some antivirus programs automatically flag the exe files that this application creates as malware – but its developers say that it is a case of a false positive.

VBS & JS to Exe Online Converter

Vbs Js To Exe online
If you are looking for a free online tool that lets you concert VBS or JS to EXE files, use this converter from