How You Can Add Any Link to Your Snapchat Snaps

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

Steps to Add a Link to Your Snapchat Snaps:

#1 First of all, open the Snapchat and then inside it click your snap which you wish to add a link to. This is extremely easy to do the process as the whole procedure is to take the image shot or capture it using the click button. If you have used the snap chat before then you can do it while if you have also used any camera app then you can easily apply this first step. 

#2 After applying the above step you will be left with the image on your device screen whose preview will be shown to you. Side by side this preview will also be showing you the clip icon placed in the top of the screen. We will be using this clip icon so as to add the link to the image, basically that particular image only. Click on the clip icon and you will be taken to the another display where you will be seeing the number of links which you might have used before inside the app. If not then you will see nothing else than some options.

Add a Link to Your Snapchat Snaps
Add a Link to Your Snapchat Snaps

#3 Now type in the address of the link that you wish to attach to the image, and instantly after that, you will see the preview of the linked URL page or website whatsoever. This is to help you justify whether if you have inserted the correct link or not. After analyzing the link you can proceed to finalize your attachment to the image by clicking on the Attach the Link option below on the screen.
Therefore you are at the end point of this article and you have now learned the method of adding the link to the Snapchat snaps. We believe that you possibly would not have faced any issues while interpreting the method, although it is a quiet simple method for the average users but for the newest users they need to focus on the each step of the method and apply it accurately.

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