iOS 11 Mail App is Blocking Microsoft Accounts From Sending Emails

The tech giant Apple’s iOS 11 was released on September 19th and, despite all the tests that were conducted before its official release, it is normal for some bugs to be discovered.
If you have an email account, Office 365 or Exchange 2016 knew that there is a problem sending emails via those platforms.

Until the release of the final version, iOS 11 was extensively tested by the tech giant Apple but also by all those who installed the Beta versions. Even so, it is normal to see some small bugs that limit the use of the system.
According to several users, iOS 11, especially the Mail app that comes integrated into the system, is not allowing users to send emails. The tech giant Apple in collaboration with the tech giant Microsoft is trying to solve the problem as soon as possible.

According to what is known, this problem had already been reported to the tech giant Apple before the release of the final version of iOS 11, except that the company of Cupertino did not solve.
To temporarily (or permanently) fix this problem, the tech giant Microsoft advises all the iOS 11 users simply to install the Outlook app.

“To work around this issue, download the free Outlook for iOS client from the App Store. The Outlook for iOS client fully supports various email services, including, Office 365, and Exchange Server 2016.
If you use the Mail app to sync data from Exchange Server 2016 that is running on Windows Server 2016, you can ask the system administrator to disable HTTP/2 in Windows Server 2016 as a workaround. The instructions on disabling HTTP/2 can be found in the Workaround section of KB 4032720: How to deploy custom cipher suite ordering in Windows Server 2016“.

However, currently, according to what we have investigated, this “bug” does not affect all users. So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.