Virus Scanning Apps Now Officially Ban By Apple’s App Store New Guidelines

Following the expected introduction of its new product range this week, the tech giant Apple has also announced some important new guidelines for its official app store, all just a few days before the official launch of iOS 11.

Tech giant Apple has modified some of its App Store guidelines this week by modifying some existing rules and adding new ones, rules that dictate what developers can and can not include in their applications before to get to the store.

In rule 2.3.1, it states that developers should not include hidden or undocumented features of their tools, and it has also been updated to specifically prevent these developers from creating virus and malware scanners based on the signature system, iOS.

Thus the tech giant Apple doesn’t want to be commercialized in any way projects focused on detecting viruses or malware based on iOS, warning that these practices could be considered as dishonest and reasons for breaking trade relations.

It should be borne in mind that the company has been eliminating antivirus applications and antimalware from the App Store since the last year 2015, all in an effort to prevent their customers create that iOS devices can be infected by this type of malicious codes. Till to the date, this was a position known by many, but following the amendment of guidelines on this week, has already made official.

Apple does not want children under 13 to use Face ID
After the launch of the new iPhone, of course, the iPhone X it is also worth noting that another set of rules makes it clear that children under 13 will not be able to use Face ID facial scanning in the iPhone X.

Specifically, rule 2.5.13 says that applications that use this facial recognition for account authentication must necessarily provide an alternative method of authentication for users under 13 years.

In the same way, we want to promote the good use of a technology in which the firm is betting a lot as it is the augmented reality, reason why it is requested that all the applications that use ARKit, provide experiences of quality AR, trying to avoid the simple and poorly integrated implementations.

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