WARNING! Anyone Can Now Use iOS 11 To Record Your Snapchats Without Notifying You

Snapchat is one of the messaging services that provide the most security guarantees to users. In addition to all protection measures, it ensures that the images exchanged cannot be stored or captured. It has an alert system that prevents abuse.

This system had worked fine so far, but with the arrival of the tech giant Apple’s iOS 11, this has changed. Several users reported that they can capture Snapchat images without notifying the senders.

Although there is still no identified cause for this failure that is affecting Snapchat, most point to the new iOS 11 screenshot mode as the cause.
The reports reveal that when using this new iOS 11 systems, Snapchat does not identify that the images were captured and thus does not notify who sent them, as would be expected.

Other users, who also tested this functionality, reported different behavior. The notifications will eventually be sent, but only after some time, without understanding the reason for this mismatch. Many also report that in many situations, alerts are working flawlessly.

Snapchat is already aware of this issue and is already working to ensure that its image capture alert system works as expected, not depending on how the tech giant Apple’s iOS capture the images.

A new update has since been released and notifications are already in place when the screen capture is being used. However, the problem is that it is necessary for both users (sender and receiver) to have the latest version of the Snapchat app installed.

If this situation can not be reversed, Snapchat will be harmed as it throws down its entire security base, which was the reason for the users’ choice.