Why The Huge Success For Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ?

If you want to buy an Android smartphone, you really can't go wrong with Samsung's Galaxy line of devices. The company's "Note" variants in particular are well respected for their elegance, features, and top specifications. Yeah, the Note7 was problematic, but the company took ownership of that dilemma and has successfully moved on.

We all knew that the latest such flagship from the company, the Galaxy Note8, would be very popular, but as it turns out, its pre-orders are breaking records. According to Samsung, Note8 reservation sales are far exceeding any Note smartphone before it. 

"We're thrilled to see the strong consumer response to the next level Note. Today's consumers want to do bigger things in work and life, and Note helps make that possible. We built the Galaxy Note8 for people who desire a device that lets them be productive and allows for self-expression," says Tim Baxter, president and chief executive officer, Samsung Electronics North America.

Samsung explains, "more people in the U.S. have purchased the Galaxy Note8 than previous Samsung Note phones during the same time period. Introduced on August 23, the Galaxy Note8 -- featuring the largest ever screen in a Note device, an enhanced S Pen, and the world’s first smartphone with two 12MP rear cameras with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) on both the wide-angle and telephoto lenses -- will be available in stores on September 15."

Unfortunately, like Microsoft with Xbox One X, Samsung has not disclosed actual pre-order numbers, so we don't know just how great the sales truly are. While I don't necessarily doubt the claim, it must be noted that there are many promotions that could be driving the pre-orders, such as the bundling of things like a 360 camera, micro SD card, or wireless charging pad. Since not every Note had such bonus offerings, it isn't exactly a fair comparison. With that said, this is the most expensive Galaxy Note ever, so that should balance things out.

Are you surprised that the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is shaping up to be the most popular Note ever? Tell me in the comments below.