XFINITY Instant TV Beta By Comcast Launches For $18/Month

Comcast is now making available a new cord-cutting option in the form of XFINITY Instant TV. This is a service that had been expected to arrive before the end of this year and similar to alternative services, XFINITY Instant TV provides access to a number of channels and networks at a reduced cost and on a no-commitment basis. In fact, when it comes to the price this is likely to be one of the biggest selling points as the gateway option is available for as little as $18 per month.
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 However, there are some caveats here and the first and most important is that XFINITY Instant TV is only currently available to Comcast broadband customers with no suggestion that it will become available to non-Comcast customers anytime in the near future. Another caveat is that while the service provides access to a number of the major networks including ABC, CBS, The CW, FOX, NBC and PBS, full access to these networks is only available through an additional add-on. For example, to gain access to NBCSN and/or Fox News, users will also have to sign up for a ‘Sports and News’ add-on which comes in at an additional $30 per month.

Which does mean that at the baseline level XFINITY Instant TV is more of an example of what is commonly being referred to as a ‘skinny bundle’ where access is provided to some, but not all of the channels on offer from a network or cable provider. The end result is that this will be more beneficial to those who are less interested in news or sports coverage, or those looking for access to the major entertainment channels while also willing to forgo access to other entertainment channels. 
 In the case of XFINITY Instant TV this means no access to the likes of AMC, Bravo, Discovery Channel, FX, and so on. Although like the Sports and News add-on, there is an additional ‘Entertainment’ add-on which can be applied to an account for an additional $15 per month. The same goes for those who are looking for access to HBO or STARZ with these options also available as add-on purchases – which is largely the case for all internet TV services. Some of the extra added value aspects on offer with XFINITY Instant TV includes access to XFINITY on-demand content, as well as DVR capabilities totaling 20 hours.

At present, it does seem as though XFINITY Instant TV is in the very earliest stage of its deployment and as such is not available to all Comcast broadband customers just yet. Although the dedicated website does state that it plans to make the beta version of the service available to all of its customers in the US within the next few weeks. Those interested in finding out more on XFINITY Instant TV, or checking their local availability, the link below will help.

XFINITY Instant TV Beta FAQs

Source: Xfinity Via: Variety