A More Powerful Audi R8 Kind Of Spotted in Testing

A new, slightly-restyled Audi R8 has reportedly been seen testing this week, giving us clues of Audi's future plans for its flagship supercar. Photographers at Carscoops spotted the new R8 out in public on Tuesday wearing camouflage on the tail end.

We know what you're thinking: This is just the rear-wheel-drive R8 RWSshowcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show, right? Compare the wheels and rear ends of both cars and you might reconsider. The mystery R8 features a different rear diffuser, plus a huge mesh grille for heat extraction and large, oval exhaust tips usually seen on powerful Audi RS cars.

The general consensus among speculators is that this camo-clad R8 is the new R8 GT, and more powerful than even the V10 Plus. Introduced at W├Ârthersee in 2010, the R8 GT was limited to just 333 units, gaining a 25-horsepower increase and subtle visual redesigns.

With the original GT's changes in mind, it isn't far-fetched to assume that this mysterious R8 is the successor. The upgraded grille and exhaust tips definitely suggest more power, but how much is uncertain. While a re-tuned version of the R8's V-10 powertrain it shares with the Lamborghini Huracan is good enough, we'd love it if Audi dropped in a V-12, or "downsized" to the RS7's twin-turbocharged V-8 making 700 hp.

Whatever the new R8's specs are, we're confident that Audi Sport can churn something out that's even more ridiculous than the V-10 Plus.