Apple Reportedly Sacked An iphone X Engineer After His Daughter's iPhone X Hands-On Video Went Viral

The hottest viral video of the week relating to the iPhone X apparently has led to the end of one man’s tenure at Apple.

Earlier this week a video appeared online of an iPhone X that was filmed in an Apple cafeteria. The poster, Brooke Amelia Peterson, is the daughter of an Apple engineer, and unwittingly she violated some rules of the company when she filmed the video and posted. Apple’s corporate policies forbid filming on its campus, and although the iPhone X is a known device at this time despite not yet being in stores, it was the general rule that was the issue.

Peterson has posted a follow-up video you see above explaining the situation, and that as soon as Apple requested she remove the video, she did so. By then, however, it was already too late and the video had spread. Paterson states in the video that Apple has let her father go from the company.

While Paterson’s original video did seem innocent enough, it did contain company QR codes as well as a notes app that showed what could be a list of codenames for future Apple products.

Apple has yet to confirm this dismissal, and we shall update once and if they do, but considering he secrecy of the company we’re not sure if that will ever com