How To Check If Your PC is Supporting Windows Mixed Reality

Microsoft has released a Windows Mixed Reality PC Check app that will let you will check if your Windows 10 PC supports Mixed Reality and also suggests the changes in the software & hardware configurations that may be required.

Windows Mixed Reality is a blend between Virtual Reality and the technology that powers HoloLens. It shields the user from the real world while delivering an immersive virtual world.

Does my PC support Windows Mixed Reality

Once you have downloaded the Windows Mixed Reality PC Check app from the Windows Store, open it. You will see a I agree button. Click on it and within a few seconds the app will tell you if your computer supports Windows Mixed Reality.

The app will also make suggestions that you may carry out of you want to make your PC support Mixed Reality.
You can download the Windows Mixed Reality PC Check app by visiting the Windows Store.

Windows Mixed Reality PC hardware compatibility

If you are looking for the hardware specs required then you will find them listed here on Microsoft.