How to Easily Create An Android App For That Your Blog/Website

 How to  Easily Create An Android App For That  Your Blog/Website

As you all know that Android is one of the popular mobile OS at this moment. Android Market is already loaded with 300,000+ Apps and Games for over 300 Android Devices. It gets millions of downloads per day. How about giving your reader an android app for your blog. This way, they can keep track of blog updates from their android powered smartphones and devices.

On the other side, WordPress is the #1 Blogging platform used by millions of bloggers. Creating an Android App of your blog isn’t hard and it’s easy, too. Let’s see how you can create an Android app of your blog with a plugin.

  1. Go to Website and register an account there.
  2. Login there and enter your Feed settings.
  3. Go to WordPress plugin page and download it.
  4. Install the Plugin and then activate it from the WP dashboard.
  5. Now, In your WP dashboard, click on Android and then choose your Android App Language, Appearance and then hit the Generate APK.
That’s it. Your Android App is ready to download. You can use this App on your device as well as submit it to the Android Marketplace. To submit it to the marketplace, head over to Android Marketplace Publish page and give the required details there.

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