How To Quickly Install SEO Smart Links in Any Blog On Blogger

 In this article 2020techblog will be sharing plugin SEO Smart Links & which is a WordPress plugin that works to change every word specified in an article be a link.

How to Work Smart SEO Plugin Link

This plugin will read every word pal specified in the article. For example if my friend added the word SEO or Blogger in the plugin, then every word will be automatically turned into a link if at all in your blog article contained the word.

How to Install SEO Smart Links

Open Blogger > Template > Then add the following code before the</body>

<script type='text/javascript'>
function smartLink(){
    this.keywdHref = new Object();
    this.add = function(keyword, href){
        if(keyword.substr(0,1) != &quot; &quot;){keyword = &quot; &quot; + keyword;}
        this.keywdHref[keyword] =  href;
    this.createAnchor = function(){
        var objs = document.getElementsByTagName(&quot;div&quot;);
        for(var i=0; i&lt;objs.length; i++){
            var obj = objs[i];
                var content = obj.innerHTML;
                for(var keyword in this.keywdHref){
                    var href = this.keywdHref[keyword];
                    var newstr = content.replace(keyword, &quot;&lt;a href=&#39;&quot;+href+&quot;&#39;&gt;&quot;+keyword+&quot;&lt;/a&gt;&quot;, &quot;gi&quot;);
                    obj.innerHTML = newstr;
                    content = newstr;
    this.startScript = function(){
        var onLoad = window.onload;
        window.onload = function(){
            setTimeout(&quot;f.createAnchor()&quot;, 100);
<script type='text/javascript'>
var f = new smartLink();
f.add(&quot;SEO&quot;, &quot;;);


If you want the plugin above only appear on post pages only, please add a special conditional tags post page.

Save template

In the code that is marked with SEO by keywords please specify your keyword and change with the url of your blog.

In the above code you can add more keywords below, as an example

f.add(&quot;SEO&quot;, &quot;;); f.add(&quot;Template&quot;, &quot;;); f.add(&quot;Blogger&quot;, &quot;;);

Buddy can also add words into bold, for example.

f.add(&quot;&lt;b&gt;SEO&lt;/b&gt;&quot;, &quot;;);


It is advisable to use three keywords is enough.