Microsoft Antivirus Perform So Poor Among Others

If you are running Windows 10 operating system, then you might be having the improved Windows defender which aims to protect users from various types of malware, virus, and spywares. However, Microsoft has also recommended users who still work with Windows 7 to install company’s antivirus to stay protected.

Recently, the German security institute AV-Test has carried out a new series of tests in Windows 7. The test results clearly show that the Kaspersky Antivirus is the best option to go for.

If we talk about Microsoft’s security software, it is lagging behind the rivals in a substantial manner. Microsoft Security Essentials was rewarded with 5 points for protection, 4.5 points for performance and 4 points for usability.


The last one in the list was Comodo Antivirus which was rewarded just 1.5 points for performance. According to AV-TEST results, Microsoft Security Essentials has lost much of its malware detection capacity since its last test in July of this year. In addition, it has been wrong between 13 and 15 times when issuing its diagnosis.

So, the AV-Test result clearly shows that Microsoft’s Security Essential is an application to avoid, as the majority of popular security products perform substantially better.

will you still be using it?