The Moto Z Receives Its Own Alexa Smart Speaker

Smart speakers are the star devices of this year, each of them presented by different companies give us the best attendees and the best functions through voice commands, but more importantly, the direct connection to the Internet of things, a trend that has strengthened and is beginning to make sense.

Well, as we all know that already in the market we have different smart speakers like those of the tech giant Google, Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod, among others. Now this new trend is joined by Motorola, yes, you have read well and it arrives with the most coveted virtual assistant in the world: Alexa.

As its name is Moto Smart Speaker, and also serve as a new mod compatible with the family of modular smartphones, of course, Moto Z.

This device arrives with everything it needs to give us the best experience, since it has the well-known virtual assistant Alexa, and therefore, you can establish voice commands to be able to request different types of information, making reservations, content reproduction, establishment of shopping, among other things that surely you already know that you have Alexa. In addition, you can enjoy the Internet of things and for this, you will have the freedom to control the light, temperature, among other things.

No doubt, this is a very interesting speaker and it has nothing to envy the best. And why do we say this? Well, since we can connect it to the phones of the Moto Z family, this is done in a magnetic way at the rear with the possibility of serving as support.

Among other things, it has four far-field microphones integrated for the best listening experience, 2 8-watt speakers and a generous battery of about 1530 mAh with a range of up to 15 hours, that is, under a 4G LTE network.

The new Moto Smart Speaker will go on sale this coming November at a price of about $149.99. Undoubtedly, this is an alternative based on the family of Moto modular phones, but without losing the main sense, it is a smart speaker with integrated Alexa.

So, what do you think about this technology? I like to hear your thougths and views in the comment section below.