When Will The Next Steam Sale Be?

Steam's seasonal sales are pretty legendary stuff, combining store-wide discounts with interactive challenges, special bundles, and limited edition virtual badges and trading cards for die-hard users to worry about collecting.
There are typically four each year: a Summer Sale, Halloween Sale, Autumn Sale (for Black Friday), and Winter Sale (for Christmas). They're fairly predictable, but exact dates are only revealed at short notice, which keeps us on our toes.

If you're looking for great discounts year round, you should take a look at our pick of the best gaming deals.
And if you're not a Steam fan, plenty of the Steam alternatives run their own rival discounts around similar times, so keep an eye on the likes of GOG.com and Green Man Gaming.

When is the Steam Halloween Sale 2017?

The latest sale is the Halloween Sale 2017 and it is live now, running from 26 October 2017through to 1 November 2017.
It's also worth checking out the GOG Halloween Sale, which is also live now and runs until 2 November. That also has a selection of massive discounts - some better than Steam's - including an offer for a free copy of Tales from the Borderlands if you spend $15 or more.

What are the best Halloween Sale deals?