More Than One Million Copies Of Divinity Original Sin 2 Sold In Just Over Two Months

Divinity Original Sin 2, the new entry in the series developed by Larian Studios, is one of the best role-playing games released on PC this year, and players have rightly rewarded the game’s quality.
A few hours ago, Larian Studios confirmed on the team’s Official Twitter profile that the game has sold one million copies in a little over a month, a very good result that’s completely deserved.

... at least, not without the best fans in the world! In just a couple of months we've roared past this huge landmark, and it's all down to you!
As mentioned above, Divinity Original Sin 2 is one of the best role-playing games released in recent time, thanks to the excellent gameplay experience, writing, battle system, and multiplayer modes. If you are a fan of cRPGs, you really have no reason not purchase the game developed by Larian Studios.

It’s hard to find a game with little to no flaws, but Larian Studios proved that, sometimes, it happens. With excellent story and characters, smart writing and masterfully crafted gameplay enhanced by the multiplayer modes, Divinity: Original Sin 2 truly deserves a place among the best cRPGs ever released.

Divinity Original Sin 2 is now available on PC in all regions.