Mute Any Microsoft Edge Tab on Windows 10

In Windows 10 Microsoft made many improvements to its flagship browser – Microsoft Edge. For instance, the browser features new tools that allow you to preview and set aside tabs. The huge issue, however with the Internet Explorer successor is auto-playing videos that start blasting out some music or dialogue out of nowhere. This can be incredibly annoying especially when you’re listening to music on your computer while browsing the web. While there is no easy direct way to do it, there is a working solution available to mute websites or tabs on Microsoft Edge in Windows 10.

Mute a Tab in Edge browser

Microsoft has added Edge to the Volume Mixer. As such, all the tabs opened in the browser will be displayed under it. You can adjust the volume levels for individual websites or apps right from here. It will list all tabs along with their names that are playing the sound.
Open Volume Mixer. To do this, right-click on the volume icon visible in the system tray area and click Open Volume Mixer option. Alternatively, you can open the same via Taskbar search option.
When opened, its dialog will list all opened tabs. For easier identification, the Mixer will display the name of the tab running video/audio.
Mute a Tab in Edge browser
Click on the volume/speaker icon just below a tab to mute it. You will see the Edge tabs playing audio or video become silent.
So in short, simply click on the tab’s volume icon to mute one or all of them.
It’s important to note here that, this feature is only for Edge browser running on Windows PCs. You cannot find it for iOS, Android or in the smartphone version.
In future versions, we hope that Microsoft will add a mute button to the tab itself, as some other browsers do.