How you can Make and Receive Phone Calls on MacOS

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

how to Make and Recieve Phone Calls on MacOS:

#1 Note that we will require making the phone calls through the MacOS but for that, we will be configuring the phone for the very purpose of attaching it to the MacOS. This makes it possible to connect any carrier to the computer through which the calling can happen. For that please go to the Phone Settings inside the iPhone.
#2 Here you will be seeing the option named Wifi Calling, just tap it or select it and then proceed to the ahead steps. You will soon reach the screen where you could be able to set the Wifi calling function On. Simply make up the setting and then move ahead to the next step in this method.
Make and Receive Phone Calls on MacOS
Make and Receive Phone Calls on MacOS
#3 Now again you will reach the previous screen, simply select the Calls on other devices option from there and then through using the toggle switch this feature on. So this is the only settings that you have to make on the phone, once done you will then require to make the settings on the Mac. For that please refer to the next steps.
#4 Open the facetime app that is the application on the Mac, hope that you would be familiar with this app. Open the preferences inside the Facetime app through the option which would be placed under the menu bar of this app. In the settings or the preference you just have to check and make sure that the Calls from iPhone has been checked to on, if not then please do it.
Make and Receive Phone Calls on MacOS
Make and Receive Phone Calls on MacOS
#5 You can then be able to make the calls from the MacOS. Wherever you see any number or you put in any field you will be able to select that number and then make the phone calls easily. That’s all about the method and you know that this feature is all reversible so you will not need to worry regarding that at all.
Here in this post, we have described you the way through which you could be able to make the calling through the MacOS and even receive the calls all like doing it on the phone. The whole method just requires you to make only a few alterations with the MacOS and then after that, you would be able to get this feature working. Hopefully, you all would have got to know about the exact wording and the implementation of the method. If you liked this article then try to take some more time to share it with others. Also, provide us with your valuable reviews or the opinions regarding the whole information in this post and the method itself, you can use the comments box below for this purpose. At last thank you for reading this post!