Google Has Began Developing Its Own Gaming Console And Game Streaming Service

For some years now we have known that it is not strictly necessary to have a powerful computer or a console at home to play video games. There are several services that allow you to play through the Internet in streaming, such as PlayStation Now.
NVIDIA now allows you to access the GeForce Now beta, and you can even play from another PC to your gaming PC with Steam In-Home Streaming. Now, it would be the tech giant Google who is going to add to this with Yeti.

Yeti: the new Google gaming streaming service

To run games in the cloud requires a lot of computer muscle, and that is one of the things that the tech giant Google can boast. The company has many servers to its credit, and this move would avoid having to launch a physical product capable of running video games, and it would be enough with one capable of doing so via streaming on a console, or even in a simple Chromecast.

Yeti would be similar to the aforementioned PlayStation Now or GeForce Now, according to The Information. To access this service it would be necessary to use a Google console, which would have its own command to control it.
The company has been testing several versions of this “Yeti”, including one that would have worked with a Chromecast. Before coming to this product, there were several projects such as launching a console based on Android to play, but did not receive much support because those games can now play most users with a cheap set-top box or any mobile or tablet.

Google recently signed Phil Harrison, who was involved in Gaikai

Thus, the tech giant Google has been in talks with the world’s leading video game developers, in an industry valued at 110,000 million dollars. It has not been specified what kind of video games are those that the tech giant Google would allow to play through streaming, nor the operating system that will run the console.
The service was to be launched at the end of 2017, but they decided to delay it. This move by the tech giant Google makes a lot of sense if we take into account the movements that the company has made in recent months.
Two weeks ago the company signed Phil Harrison, who has worked at Sony and Microsoft. Harrison is currently leading an unspecified project within the company as vice president. He was also involved in the development of Gaikai, the service that Sony later bought and that was renamed PlayStation Now.
Depending on the Internet connection, it is possible to play streaming with low latency and a very good quality. The current services use H.264 codec, and the image quality is very good. In the case of using HEVC, the quality would be double given the same bandwidth. There are televisions that have an input lag higher than the latency of the command so that on a TV you would hardly notice the difference.
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