Hackers Stole Classified NSA Data On U.S. Cyber Defense

According to the information reported in an Associated Press investigation, the Russian hackers have gained access to “secrets of US Defense technology” from the US Defense itself.
Through malware, hackers have prompted at least 87 senior Defense Department employees to drop phishing scams on their e-mails and expose sensitive material they had in the e-mail.

Russian Fancy Bear resorted to Phishing

An Associated Press investigation revealed that Russian hackers are seeking secret information about military drones and a number of other US defense technologies had access to important and secret data after committing e-mails from outside officials to the department but were important in various processes related to military technologies.
The size of the theft is not yet known, however, the information now revealed clearly reveals that the Russian hackers have already taken advantage of a national weakness in cybersecurity: poorly protected e-mail accounts.

This group of hackers, known as “Fancy Bear,” are singled out as intervening in the US presidential election in 2016. The scheme used by pirates has deceived at least 87 people working with drones, missiles, mortars, secret combat aircraft, cloud computing platforms and other sensitive activity projects.

Third-party military and aeronautical equipment companies

These employees will be linked to small but also giant defense companies like Lockheed Martin Corp., Raytheon Co., Boeing Co., Airbus Group and General Atomics. All these giants were targeted by hackers. Also on the list are employees who work for commercial groups, contractors in US-allied countries among others.
AP’s (Associated Press) investigation revealed that at least 40% of those employees opened the links with malware and with that action “gave access” to the file system.
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