Latest Pokemon Go Update Finally Adds A Narrative And Quest System

Remember Pokemon Go? It’s that mobile AR game that took the world by storm, forced businesses to take notice, and got people out and active in the real world by using childhood nostalgia and location tracking. I can count on one hand the number of people I know personally still playing it, but such is the way of viral fads.
For what it’s worth though, the game is still going strong. Niantic Labs, the developers, have been adding new content at regular intervals and are hard at work on a Harry Potter AR game that is sure to become just as, if not more, popular.
Starting on March 30th later this week, players can begin taking on Research Quests. They’re split into two categories: Field Research Quests and Special Research Quests. For Field Research Quests, these are given out every single day at PokeStops and include simple objectives like catching a specific type of Pokemon or certain number of a particular item. When you finish them, you’ll get a stamp and special items. If you get seven stamps, you can cash those in for Research Breakthroughs, which net even more special rewards and potential legendary Pokemon encounters.
Alternatively there are also now going to be Special Research Quests that come as part of new narrative-focused story events, which are long overdue. These will lead up to a legendary Pokemon encounter, giving you a rare chance at catching one.
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