This Couple Met And Got (Actually) Married In VR Using Rec Room

Romance in VR isn’t new. Ever since the dawn of instant messaging services like AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) — which is where I met my wife over 10 years ago, by the way — people have been connecting and communicating via the web. But as VR becomes more and more mainstream, expect to see those connections get more intimate and become more widespread.

Just like falling in love online used to be a bit out of the ordinary, intimacy in VR is still in its early stages. As a related case we’ve seen people use VR to propose and have even heard about VR weddings already in apps like AltSpace. In fact, VRChat is very well known for fostering friendships and, in some cases, real romance.
Earlier this week, Wired reported on a couple that used the light-hearted social VR app Rec Room to stage a wedding. This case is unique though because it’s not just an IRL couple using VR for long distance connection. In this particular instance, the couple met in VR, used VR to become close, and then got married in VR. They had met in person prior to getting married, but have spent the vast majority of their relationship in cyberspace. That’s amazing.
We can’t wait to see more stories like this unfold over the years. If you want the full rundown, including some really touching revelations about human intimacy and connection, you should definitely read the full story at Wired. You can see a photo album of the event, which happened late last year, right here.
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