WhatsApp Co-founder: ‘It Is Time To Delete Facebook’

The social network giant Facebook is in serious trouble. The controversy has begun after it came to light that Cambridge Analytica was made with the data of millions of users of the social network. Now, even the co-founder of WhatsApp, a company owned by the social network giant Facebook, has told the world that it is “time to delete Facebook.”

Brian Acton, one of the creators and founders of the most used and popular instant messaging application WhatsApp, has posted a message on his Twitter simply by saying “it’s time” to “#deletefacebook”.
With no need for more words or more context, his message coincides with the terrible week that the social network has been following the announcement of how Cambridge Analytica improperly used its data.
The social network giant Facebook bought the well-known and most used instant messaging application WhatsApp in 2014 for the sum of 16,000 million dollars, and Brian Acton left the company in 2017. After leaving the social network giant Facebook, Acton invested some of 50 million dollars in Signal, a messaging platform known for its emphasis on security and privacy.
The social network giant Facebook could face audiences and a very rigorous scrutiny by authorities around the world after the revelations of Cambridge Analytica. In the United States and the United Kingdom, lawmakers have expressed concern about this possible security breach (which the social network giant Facebook refuses to call “leakage” of data), and even the British Prime Minister became interested in the case directly.

Whether you agree or disagree with Acton’s suggestion, we recommend that you check which social network giant Facebook apps have your personal data and disallow all those that you do not recognize or no longer use.