OnePlus Just Launched Its Own Cryptocurrency

Although the world of the cryptocurrencies continues with ups and downs, there are still plenty of users and brands to bet on this market.
From the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, of course, I am talking about the OnePlus we now have the announcement of a new digital currency, PeiCoin. But is this a real news or an April 1st match?

After a great growth and notoriety registered a few months ago, several cryptocurrencies have gone through a period of ups and downs in their value.
However, there are several users who continue to invest in this market, just as there are several currencies that have emerged. The most recent announcement comes from OnePlus with a name inspired by its founder, PeiCoin. But is this new real currency?

PeiCoin – A cryptocurrency for OnePlus users

According to the Chinese brand, PeiCoin was created so that OnePlus users could have exclusive access to a robust and easy-to-use crypto-currency.
With Open Source and user-driven development, this is a virtual currency with free and immediate transactions that will be fully integrated into the OnePlus system, making it easy to manage your wallet, complete transactions and transfer funds. In addition, a feature will be added to OxygenOS that will allow OnePus smartphone holders to mine PeiCoins directly from their smartphone.
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